View of Oxford Street from 94 Bus (Public Domain Photograph)

I took this quick photograph of Oxford Street, London, from the top front of a 94 bus this morning at approx. 9:00am.

You can see other red buses, some commuters going to work and the Oxford Street Christmas Lights above.

View of Oxford Street from 94 Bus

It is quite difficult to get a good photograph from a bus for a number of reasons – you need a good seat, the bus shakes as it moves, the windows are often smeared or have marks and people get in the way…. :-) just to name a few.

Still, it gives the opportunity to get a photograph of a scene from an angle that would otherwise have been unavailable.

I place this Carbuncle’s Blog photograph of Oxford Street, London in the public domain, as far as I am able, and allow any use including commercial – check the terms of use here.

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