About Carbuncle

About Carbuncle

I am a writer and web publisher who enjoys promoting freeware and open source software, as well as other public domain resources including photographs.

I have contributed to many websites, both as a webmaster and as a member.

The photographs on the Carbuncle website are my own, that I have taken in my wanders around Central London.

I am placing the photographs, and other articles and lists, where specified, into the public domain with no restrictions on use – but feel free to link back to www.carbuncle.com to help publicise the free photographs and free stuff to others.

Remember to check the law on copyright and use your own due diligence before you use a photograph from here. See the terms of use here.

Carbuncle’s Blog also reflects my own interests in writing and The Internet, so will have lots of information relating to web publishing, writing and blog promotion.

I am also keen to share free services for webmasters – the online world is so complicated and there is so much that is offered at prices ranging from free to sky-high that I think it is important to get easy access to the free stuff first.

Check back or subscribe to a feed – I can see this Carbuncle blog getting a lot of posts from me.

Update: I have been posting to Carbuncle for several months now and I am finding Carbucle’s Blog extremely useful in developing my photographic and journalistic skills – I know I have a long way to go but I’m practising (and hopefully getting better) by DOING – I recommend this to ANYONE who wants to write and publish.

Carbuncle’s Blog is published using the open source blog software, WordPress.

Be sure to say hello when you visit Carbuncle’s Blog, maybe leave a comment, I’m always keen to hear from and about other writers and World Wide Web publishers.

Need a link? Link to Carbuncle’s Blog first and then contact me – if I can link you from an article, I will.


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